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Most know social media as a form of digital communication, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which allows you to keep in touch with friends and stay abreast of everything from pop culture to world news. In addition to finding childhood friends and obsessing over Rih Rih’s latest getup, though, you can use the new age tool as a dating filter! Every time I give my number to a guy, I always tell him to follow me on social media. Am I really interested in being FB friends? Absolutely not. I am, however, very much interested in discovering any pertinent info he may conveniently forget to mention—like if he’s in a 12-year relationship with the mother of his two kids (I really found this out on Instagram, by the way). Social media tells us a lot about a person, particularly as it relates to dating. It may not be enough to tell us if he’s a keeper, but it is enough to tell us if he’s not and if we should start sending him to voicemail. Here are five sure social media signs he’s probably not worth your time!

Every #WCW is a Different Nearly Naked Woman: If every Wednesday his woman crush is a different video vixen in barely there attire with her bosom and bottom out for all to see, then you may want to second guess how serious you take this guy. He’s a man so he’s very much attracted to the physical, but at this point there should be more than that stimulating him. He should have long ago realized that looks are fleeting, but intellect, self-respect, and character are forever.

Bottle Poppin’, Name Droppin’ & Other Forms of Flexin’: This wreaks all kinds of tacky. If his financial status has afforded him the opportunity to partake in life’s finer things, awesome! But to click and post restaurant receipts, endless champagne bottles, and his custom Louie sneakers is a bit tasteless. Looks like he’s still too concerned with impressing others, or he may have his financial priorities mixed up as he spends this month’s rent on a night in the club. Either way, he has lots of growing to do.

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