crop_358BROWN011407885730-400x266 Another witness has come forward and is disputing the notion that Michael Brown charged at Darren Wilson before he was shot and killed last month in Ferguson, Missouri. In an interview with the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, the anonymous witness says he was working in a building near the shooting. He also said that he could not tell if there had been a struggle between Wilson and Brown, but that he saw Wilson chasing Brown and shooting him while Brown had his hands up.

Unlike the other witnesses in the case, this new one was not from Ferguson and did not know Brown.

From Post-Dispatch:

The worker, who has not previously spoken with reporters, said he did not see what happened at the officer’s car — where Wilson and Brown engaged in an initial struggle and a shot was fired from Wilson’s gun.

His account largely matches those who reported that Wilson chased Brown on foot away from the car after the initial gunshot and fired at least one more shot in the direction of Brown as he was fleeing; that Brown stopped, turned around and put his hands up; and that the officer killed Brown in a barrage of gunfire.

But his account does little to clarify perhaps the most critical moment of the confrontation, on which members of the grand jury in St. Louis County may focus to determine whether the officer was justified in using lethal force: whether Brown moved toward Wilson just before the fatal shots, and if he did, how aggressively.

At least one witness has said Brown was not moving. Others didn’t mention him moving, while still others have said he was heading toward Wilson.

There is no way to determine how many witnesses have spoken to law enforcement without making public statements. The worker acknowledged that his account could be valuable to the case because he did not know either Brown or Wilson and had no ties to Ferguson.

The worker recounted a conversation his coworker had with Brown a few moments before the shooting and said Brown seemed to be in good spirits.

He said Brown struck up a rambling, half-hour conversation with his co-worker.

The co-worker could not be reached for comment through his employer. He previously told KTVI (Channel 2) that he had uttered a profanity in frustration after hitting a tree root while digging. Brown heard him and stopped to talk.

Brown “told me he was feeling some bad vibes,” the co-worker told KTVI in a video that aired Aug. 12. “That the Lord Jesus Christ would help me through that as long as I didn’t get all angry at what I was doing.”

The worker interviewed by the Post-Dispatch said he paid attention to little of the conversation. He said he heard Brown tell his co-worker that he had a picture of Jesus on his wall; and the co-worker joked that the devil had a picture of him on the wall.

The co-worker told KTVI that Brown promised to come back and resume their conversation; Brown walked away, and the workers returned to their job.

About a half-hour later, the worker heard a gunshot. Then he saw Brown running away from a police car. Wilson trailed about 10 to 15 feet behind, gun in hand. About 90 feet away from the car, the worker said, Wilson fired another shot at Brown, whose back was turned.

The worker said Brown stumbled and then stopped, put his hands up, turned around and said, “OK, OK, OK, OK, OK.” He said he told investigators from the St. Louis County police and the FBI that because of the stumble, it seemed to him that Brown had been wounded.

The worker interviewed by the Post-Dispatch disputed claims by Wilson’s defenders that Brown was running full speed at the officer.

“I don’t know if he was going after him or if he was falling down to die,” he said. “It wasn’t a bull rush.”

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  • Elizabeth Jones

    It doesn’t matter anymore. Wilson will not face any charges and if he is indicted, it will just be for entertainment purposes only. Think of the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman spectacle. Those prosecutors had no intention on bringing justice to Trayvon. They purposefully fucked up the case and handed the win to the defense team. Same Michael’s situation. On top of that, Wilson is a cop who now is a half million dollars richer due to white racism.

  • RJ

    Tiffany Mitchell is not from that neighborhood and didn’t know Michael Brown either…

    How can you not know if someone is going to the ground or “coming to get the officer.” as he says? Why would this worker say “I don’t know if he was going after him or if he was falling down to die.” Witnesses need to just report what they saw and stop trying to create doubt or assume to fill in the blanks.

    And who walks/stumbles 25 feet toward an officer and then drops to the ground?!!??

    This witness mentions the hands up but his testimony is going to be used to help the officer. The officer fires as he backs up? Everyone else says that the officer walks up on Michael and fires on him.

    I find it very convenient that they’re highlighting that this witness has no ties to Ferguson as if his testimony is more accurate etc because of it. 90 feet away from the car? I’m confused. And Michael Brown stumbled 25 feet? The running away, stumbling, yelling Ok Ok Ok and 10 shots must have all happened within 12 – 20 seconds if we match it to the recorded audio of the shooting. Something is off. I think Michael Brown took a few steps forward, but it couldn’t have been 25 feet.

  • I wish a fraction of the energy protesting will go into decreasing inner city violence. More black males will be saved.
    Don’t get me wrong, justice needs to be served with Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and too many others to name.
    BUT, we need to combat black on black violence in our communities. Stop feeding into the hype. The real problems are not being addressed.