When injustice strikes a Black man at any given moment there is a Black woman defending his honor. We march, protest, get arrested, shed tears and express our anger all for the glory of Black men. However, when it’s their turn to return the favor….crickets.

One of my favorite media mavens Demetria Lucas posed a question on Instagram that read:



“Where are all these ‘don’t judge,’ ‘hate the sinner, not the sin,’ ‘we don’t know the full story…’ responses when Black men get murdered by the police?

Like if you’re aware that cops kill Black men and you go outside, does that mean you must be okay with being killed?

I’m just asking ….for a friend :/”

It sparked conversation and many people commented below. Several women expressed their hurt and how “sickening” it is that “not a damn thing” is done to support Black women. Black men are not crying out in our defense. They’re not at city hall lobbing for stricter domestic violence laws. No heartfelt emotion to express their anger and rage when injustice strikes us. Not a single remorse shown.

Instead, Black men like Christopher Boykin (commonly known as Big Black), Indiana Pacer Paul George and Floyd Mayweather question us. They wonder, out loud might I add, sentiments such as: “She provoked him” or “She married him move on.”

Even worst, on Reddit one user stated, referring to Janay Rice, “It wasn’t him [Ray Rice] hitting her that knocked her out, but him hitting her and her hitting the rail on the elevator that knocked her out,”

Black men, when are you all going to step up and defend our honor? During slavery, wasn’t it the Black woman who nurtured your scars inflicted by the white man, who fed you and dished out relentless love? We birthed you, nursed you and raised you to be a strong, strapping fellow and this is how you repay us?

I could not have said it better than Julian Long, “When you look for ways to go easy on Ray Rice — you are doing two things: First, you’re telling black women, ‘Your lives and your sense of safety have less value to me than the recreational sports that I watch ritually’……You damage their feeling of safety with you.”

In the words of 2Pac, “I think it is time that you kill for your women, heal your women and be real to your women.”

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