250533-330-0 The recently released video of Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice punching his then fiancee and now wife Janay in an Atlantic City elevator, then dragging her out unconscious, is the talk of the week. Again. The NFL suspended Rice indefinitely and he was  let go from the Ravens. But maybe this should have been done sooner? Like when it happened in February?

Many people have asked why would Janay stay with Rice after being brutally assaulted.  But domestic violence is never an easy situation to deal with, which is why the hashtags  #WhyIStayed and #WhyIleft were created.

The hashtag was created by writer Beverly Gooden, who was physically abused by her former husband for over a year. In a post on her website, Gooden explains that it’s not always that simple. “Leaving was a process, not an event,” she writes. “And sometimes it takes awhile to navigate through that process.” Gooden also expressed the hope that the hashtag will help people “find a voice, find love, find compassion, and find hope.”

Thousands of similar tweets have been shared across social media, but after hearing Janay’s response to the issue today, one can only hope she chooses the right path in her life.

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  • ALM

    My Lord, that tweet from Goddess Rae was particularly gripping.

    Even if you are scared to leave for yourself, leave for your children. Even little toddlers can pick up on violence and strife. They will grow up thinking that beating a woman is normal. Leave as soon as possible. My mom had a coworker who literally had to leave in the morning as soon as her husband left for work. She packed a suitcase and got to another state while he was at work.

    Even if the situation looks hopeless, you CAN get out.

  • Oshanae

    “#WhyIleft my daughter tried to kill herself when she was 4”

    When a child is involve no matter what happens or what you may feel leave for their sake. That is horrible because a child wanted to end her life. Domestic Violence is no joke at all and it need to be discussed. fortunately this is one of the few sites where I know it’s gone to be taken seriously. I went to a couple of hip hop sites that is covering the story and I must say it very bothered by comments I saw a lot of jokes and lot that what she gets. Something has to challenge the dialog is our community is a awful when it comes to these type of topics