I was truly glad when I saw an article last week that Fantasia had a new man in her life and she seemed to be really happy. More importantly, the new boo Kendall Taylor, seemed to be a grown a** man, a professional man who is the COO of Metro Transportation, LLC, a courier service. It seemed like he had it together and this looked like a step in the right direction for Fantasia, considering her romantic liaison with a married man. I was like, go head ‘Tasia Mae!

Then I read an article on Radar Online where they basically put all of Taylor’s business on front street and revealed that he has a criminal record; and that he had been arrested for possessing a weapon on a school campus when he was 16, assault against a female (twice) and possession of a firearm as a felon. The article was filled with racist undertones and jabs and they even dared to question if Fantasia were aware of Taylor’s past. Ummm…aren’t they the ones in the relationship? I hope so. It would be hard not to share these things with a mate, especially when that mate is a celebrity.

Plus, apparently Taylor is not ashamed to talk about his past. Taylor mentors young men and boys who are offenders through a program called MOVE that’s in Charlotte and information about his experiences with the criminal justice system is on MOVE’s website:

Kendall began experimenting with sex, drugs and alcohol.  At the age of fifteen, he became a father.  Not only was he ill-prepared for life as a teenager, but he was also struggling with the difficulties of being a responsible parent.  Lacking maturity and strong male guidance, Kendall began walking deeper into dark places.  Places that robbed him of his education, his childhood and ultimately, his freedom.  He was arrested and incarcerated in a facility hundreds of miles from home and it was in that place, at that time, that he began to clearly hear and respond to the call of God on his life.  He laid down the failures of his past and began to carry his cross for the sake of Christ.  Kendall has worked hard to regain what was once lost to him.  He pursued his education; secured full-time employment; serves through the men’s fellowship in his church; restored his name and reputation in the community; and now works to deposit valuable wisdom and life principles into his son, Treyshaun – principles and support he lacked when he was his son’s age.

After dragging her man through the mud and then some, Fantasia took to Instagram to defend her beau:

YOU!!!…This man Past is why I fell for him. (He’s Just Like Me) I sit and watch a strong Black Man get ready for work EVERY MORNING (suited Up) and Running of a Company that a Husband and WIFE seen something inside of him to be able to do… Mrs. G and Mr. G we Love you.. Thank you so much for believing in those who have been thru something’s but have nothing but Favor over their lives… I think about all the things he has told me and I’m Like Man!!! Nothing but God.. This event was his lane and the GREAT PEOPLE HE WORKS WITH.. You Can’t tell me God won’t take something Out of Nothing and Turn it into SOMETHING I Love This Man And He is Crazy about me also he HATES WHEN I POST HIM cause he’s not about that life..

I couldn’t help but think that about how gossip sites are not only quick to dig up the dirt on people’s past, but then cast that person as a villain or a bad person without having all the facts or the full story. This is especially true when talking about  people of color and using the simplest of narratives to describe them. It was easy for Radar Online to portray Taylor as the big, bad Black man who had done bad things, all while ignoring his current good works. Radar Online became judge and jury even declaring Fantasia was potentially headed for heartbreak because of this man’s past. But don’t family, friends and other people do that too if they learn about your mate’s unflattering past?

I also couldn’t help but wonder how many women would give Taylor a chance today given his actions of yesterday. He’s suited and booted now, getting his grown a** man on now, but it seems like it took quite a few detours and had to deal with several roadblocks in order to get there. I imagine that he shared his story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and Fantasia had to make the choice on whether to stay or go. It seems she’s decided to stay and she’s happy with that decision.

Would you be able to accept a man’s past and try to build a future together?

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