I have a friend who hates what Jay and Bey are doing with Blue Ivy. He disapproves of both Blue’s clothes and her hair and in his words, “she doesn’t look like a little girl.” Ummmm…whatever that means.

Now admittedly I love me some Yoncé, but I think that Blue looks like a toddler. I mean a toddler who is probably in the most expensive toddler clothes ever, but a toddler nonetheless. I love that they seem to be letting her enjoy being her age.

It’s hard not to make Toddler Blue Ivy and Baby North West comparisons – seeing as how their parents are some of the most recognizable and wealthy people on the planet. And their daddies are homies who have given us some awesome music collaborations.

So, enter Baby North, who was born to probably the most over-the-top parents ever, at Paris Fashion week wearing a Givenchy black sheer shirt (or is that a dress?) to match her mother’s black sheer outfit. Of course Kanye and Kim are now taking the hits that their child was inappropriately dressed. But have these people seen Kanye and Kim? Like ever? Modesty is not in either one of their vocabulary.

I’m laughing not at the child’s outfit (although it is a pretty hilarious thing to put a baby in and there are photos where she looks like heyyy somebody please help me. Or maybe that’s just regular baby tears), but at all of the people who expected more from Ye and Kimmy. People who thought they would be regular when it came to their child. Nope. Try again. Outlandish, thy name is Kimye.

So, let’s all have a seat, buckle up, and get ready for several more years of creative fashions that Baby North must endure. Well at least until she can follow the drinking gourd and escape north towards her own freedom.

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  • MayaSimoneTruth

    I’m getting tired of hearing about Blue Ivy & North West. I mean, they’re just average babies/toddlers to me…

  • noirluv45

    Both babies are cute, but so are a lot of babies. They both just happen to be born to parents with loads of money.

    With that said, I often wonder if the Kardashians pay Black-oriented blogs to keep their name in the spotlight. Either Blacks are that enamored with Kim and her clan or they are just paying for the attention given to them. I can see them being a hit on White-oriented blogs (but even they are sick of this family), but I never understood the fascination of Blacks with the Kardashians.

    • noirluv45

      *fascination of the Kardashians by Blacks* EXCEPT for Black men.

    • Child, Please

      I don’t doubt that they do; I assume most celebrities pay popular blog sites to post negative or positive stories about them to keep them in the news. However, because those that loath Kanye and Kim (but especially Kim) can’t keep from commenting negatively on them (or even just clicking the article), it’s profitable for the blog sites to post about them anyway. Plus one half of the union is black. It would make sense for them to be on a black blog site…if you go with that perspective.

  • Mary Burrell

    That outfit is a hot mess. I feel so sad for this baby raised by these idiots. SMH.

  • Desiree

    This is really sad. I don’t usually judge them but this time, I think it is too much. Let the child be a child. Blue always looks like a child. North not so much.