Behind many of our favorite starlets is Yvette Noel-Schure. Noel-Schure, publicist at Parkwood Entertainment, recently dished on the “The Jake Sasseville Show” what it’s really like working with the top industry heavy-hitters.

The PR veteran discussed the quirks Prince has about publicity, how Wyclef Jean was the bridge between herself and Jake and why she believes we are not entitled to anything more from Beyoncé than great art.

Here is what she said about Queen Bey:

“I sat down with them (Destiny’s Child) and did makeup lessons… they were pretty advanced because Miss Tina Knowles was such a central figure in the lives of the girls of Destiny’s Child. Not just Beyonce, but Kelly who was raised in her house. LaTavia (Roberson) and LeToya (Luckett), the original two members, where the friendship blossomed in that house. They understood about hair and how they wanted to look. I knew in that moment that if Columbia Records trusted me with these young women, and if Tina and Matthew Knowles trusted me to be around these young women and knew that if they walked out of a room, they knew I wasn’t going to be shooting up a needle or smoking a blunt… I knew being a publicist was not what I needed to do. I knew I had to be a teacher and I had to be a guide and mentor.”

“One of the things I know that Beyonce probably appreciates about me, especially now that she has a family… is that I always said to the girls, at the end of everything, I’m going home to my babies. It got to the point where the girls of Destiny’s Child used to mouth it to me after the interviews or press day. She’s going home to her babies.”

Check out the entire interview here.

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