Miley Cyrus’ obsession with and fetishization of the Black woman’s body continues. Cyrus recently posted a photo on her Instagram where she is wearing what appear to be the biggest butt pads known to man. Oh. Of course they’re brown. She poses with the fake butt and tongue sticking out. The caption accompanying the photo reads: ass so fat need a lap dance. It’s already received almost a half million likes.

No. Just no.

Cyrus has received more than enough criticism for her prior antics which include having voluptuous Black women as back up dancers and her attempt to twerk in front of millions (and then curiously being credited for bringing it to the mainstream’s attention and lection) – just to name a few. You would think that she would stop.

Maybe she thinks what she is doing is cute, funny and even harmless. But it is in fact disturbing, degrading and a rehashing of the same tired stereotypes about Black women and our bodies. Her actions can’t even be considered envy, filed under the ‘she wishes she were Black category, because everything is done with a tone of mockery and not appreciation.

Plus, we know the truth –that Cyrus really does not want to be a Black woman. She does not want to carry that entire load. She does not want to know about the trials and tribulations of the everyday Black woman. So instead, Cyrus strips away every essence of the Black woman away until the only thing that defines us is a fat ass. And how many times have we seen that before?

Like so many before her, Cyrus gets to capitalize literally off the backside of Black women while we are relegated to watch, shake our heads and protest from the sidelines. It seems that there is no stopping Cyrus because there is no one around to tell her she needs to stop. And if there were, would she listen anyway? What Cyrus knows for certain is that this behavior gets her constant attention and keeps her name in the media which will inevitably leads to more dollars for her. Who cares if it’s at the expense of someone else?

Diana Veiga is a Spelman woman, a DC resident, and a freelance writer who loves cute shoes and sparkly things. Follow her on Twitter:@dianaveiga

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