Tensions remain high in Ferguson, MO as the community continues to protest police officer Darren Wilson’s murder of Michael Brown. After a memorial for Michael Brown was burned to the ground, protesters took to the streets again on Tuesday evening where the showdown between the people and the police continued to escalate and several people were arrested. To make matters worse it appears that at least one Missouri police office was wearing an ‘I am Darren Wilson’ bracelet.

An Instagram photo posted by MediaBlackOutUSA appears to show a “I Am Darren Wilson” bracelet worn by police at a demonstration for Michael Brown on Tuesday night.

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson acknowledged the bracelets during a press conference on Wednesday. “I think that was not a statement of law enforcement. I think wearing that was an individual statement,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he would speak to the agencies of the officers who wore the bracelets, but did not specify which departments they were.

It doesn’t matter if Johnson views the bracelet wearing as an individual statement and not a statement of law enforcement, this is troubling news because one police officer wearing that bracelet is one too many. It’s indicative of the culture and mentality happening within the police brotherhood and further explains why tensions continue to exist between them and the larger community.

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