Twitter brings people together, especially when a major newsworthy event occurs. It’s no surprise that people from all walks of life decide to make the most of their 140 characters by weighing in on a popular issue.

Nev Schulman, host MTV’s popular and oftentimes unbelievable show, “Catfish” decided to weigh in on the Ray Rice incident. He tweeted the following:

On the surface Nev’s tweet even with its snarky undertones seems commendable and harmless. But everyone has a past. Even Nev. And it turns out his past involves physical abuse against a woman. To be more specific, while attending Sarah Lawrence College Nev punched a female student in the face and was then rightfully expelled from the university.

This is not new or hidden information since Nev wrote about the incident in his book In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age. The version that Nev presented is that he was a photographer at Sarah Lawrence’s now defunct dance, the Sleaze Ball, and when he began to take a picture of somebody he was attacked and he punched the person in the face more in defense and seemingly because he had no other option. Nev wrote, “I discovered that the short, stocky, crew-cut-styled individual that I’d fought was a woman.”


However, not surprisingly his version of the events differ from reports of people present who say that the scenario involved Nev taking impromptu photos of two women kissing, one asked him to stop and when Nev didn’t she reached for his camera strap and he punched her.

The truth of that night’s events is probably somewhere in the middle, but what is for certain is that while Nev may not have hit a woman on an elevator, he has punched a woman in the face in his lifetime. So, he should probably chill with those judgy and unfunny tweets.

Get the full story at Gawker.

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  • Anonin

    Wow I didn’t know that about Nev. Nothing private on the internet.

  • a black lady

    Nev, the guy who created Catfish is a dirtbag? Not surprised.

  • Anthony

    That is the thing I hate about black celebrities, especially athletes being caught in situations like Ray Rice’s. The public will act as if domestic violence is some sort of ghetto illness instead of admitting that thousands of white women in nice neighborhoods are punched just like Janay Parker Rice every day of the year.