ZjvfdN_QOn Wednesday, OKCupid, the “fastest-growing online dating site,” published data on how race is factored when matching individuals romantically. When cofounder Christian Rudder first explored this topic, it was discovered most races preferred to date within their own race. No surprise there! However, five years later things remain the same.

The basis of race and attraction in 2009 looked like this:

Non-black men applied a penalty to black women
While black men showed little racial preference either way


All women preferred men of their own race
But they otherwise penalized both Asian and black men

Millennials (Gen. Y) are often compared to individuals of the 60s. Like the past, interracial dating remains unpopular. Rudder writes, “OKCupid users are certainly no more open-minded than they used to be. If anything, racial bias has intensified a bit.” It was noted the numbers reflect different people year-to-year.

Additionally, Rudder clarifies the statistics does not make anyone any more or less racist. Rudder states, “An individual can’t really control who turns them on—and almost everyone has a ‘type,’ one way or another.”

What these statistics also affirm are beautiful people, regardless of race, have somewhat of an easier life. Rudder says, “And science has long known that bonuses accrue to beautiful people: they have better outcomes at work and at school, more success with juries, even live longer lives, and so on. In short, “beautiful people” receive a lot of the same built-in benefits in our society that white people do.”

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