Folks never believe me when I say I’ve been to Disney World about six times in life. I know those theme parks like the back of my very own hand! But besides the magic and wonderment I experienced on my various train rides through the hundred acre wood, I also hold dear to my heart the memories of my mom overpacking. I guess when you’ve got kids you have to pack for any and every possible thing that could go wrong. And I’m lying if I tell you I didn’t complain about how heavy all of our bags were only to actually need that random cotton ball, safety pin or juice box.

Fast forward to the here and now and I myself struggle with overpacking whenever I travel. “What if we have to save a trapped kitty’s life because there’s no one around for miles? We need this rope to climb the tree properly guys! Pack the freakin’ rope!”

Packpoint, the snazzy new Travel app everyone is talking about allows you to input your destination, how long you’re staying and what type of trip you’re taking. You also check off which activities you’ll be participating in. They’ll check the weather and tell you what you absolutely need to bring along for the journey.

There’s no way in hell you’ll need that rope or ball of yarn on an all inclusive beach resort vacation. Relax.

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