People Magazine, along with millions of viewers nationwide, live tweeted through the season premiere of Scandal Thursday night and stuck around to catch the series premiere of Shonda Rhimes’ newest primetime show, How To Get Away With Murder starring Oscar nominee Viola Davis.

A Jezebel reader captured a tweet sent out during Scandal in which the mag commented on Olivia Pope’s hair –


Olivia’s back to straight hair so you KNOW she means business. #Scandal

People magazine (@peoplemag) September 26, 2014

The idea that one needs to straighten their hair to appear more professional; or to be taken seriously in business is one we’ve been battling since the dawn of time.


They didn’t stop there however, later referencing Viola’s role as Aibileen Clark, a maid in The Help with the following – and the twitter verse promptly reacted in outrage to the typecasting.




In the meantime, someone should school the entire staff, particularly the ones with the Twitter login and password on how to be less ignorant.

The offensive tweets have since been deleted but what say you Clutchettes? Speak on it!

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