Police brutality happens to women of color as well, but unfortunately these incidents can go underreported or overlooked.

When Sandra Amezquita attempted to come to aid of her son, 17-year-old Jhohan Lemos, who was being arrested by police, she was met with excessive force. The police office threw the 44-year-old, who is five months pregnant, to the ground, stomach-first, and then straddled her back, with her stomach pressed into the ground.

The incident was caught on video and has prompted an investigation by the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau.

The New York Daily News reported:

The recording shows Sandra Amezquita, who is 5-foot-4 and five months pregnant, being grabbed by the arm and thrown to the pavement with the cop on her back in Sunset Park around 2:15 a.m.
The baby’s father, Ronel Lemos, said he watched in horror as his wife hit the ground belly-first.

“The first thing I thought was they killed my baby and they’re going to kill my wife,” Lemos, 50, told the Daily News on Tuesday.
Moments later, another unidentified woman was violently flung to the ground on Fifth Ave. and 41st St.

“You would think the police would respect a woman that is pregnant,” Amezquita, 43, said through an interpreter in an exclusive interview with The News.

“I was afraid something happened to my baby. I am still afraid that something is wrong,” she said, referring to the abdominal pain that persists.

Watch the disturbing video below.

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