Haters gonna hate and racists gonna be racists. What’s most unfortunate is that social media gives racists a larger platform to be ignorant. The half-Jamaican, half-Spanish singer/songwriter FKA twigs took time to address the tons of racist tweets she has received since people learned she is dating actor Robert Pattinson.

The fact that the couple is dating is not news, but perhaps it continues to shock people that a white man would actually date a woman who is not white. On Sunday FKA twigs’ posted two tweets on her Twitter commenting about the horrifying racist insults that have been hurled in her direction.

The tweets are of the standard, unimaginative, racist variety and there was lots of calling FKA twigs a monkey. You would think the racists would have come up with more original insults over the years, but I guess who has time for that when you just want to be hurtful and cruel? Check out a smattering of the mean tweets below:



What’s most sad about this situation is that FKA twigs is the one who must endure and bear the burden of the racist remarks. It seems that people wouldn’t dare threaten or insult Pattinson in this manner. As if it’s all her fault for being born a woman of color and dating a white man. One wonder if this type of abuse will ever end. It’s 2014, people. Can we please move on?

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