Rapper Mz. 007 is Fat, Fly and Very Important

Sometimes you just have to let folks, scratch that, let the whole world know who you are and that you’re important. Enter St. Louis, MO rapper, Mz. 007 who is doing just that with her song ‘Important’ where she declares with authority, “pass me a drink, I’m important.”

Let’s start off with what is probably the most important thing – Mz. 007 is not the average sized female rapper or performer. In today’s society where everyone seems to be a size 0 or 2 and yet somehow has an enormous behind (major side eye), Mz. 007 is a plus-size, full-figured woman. Well, that’s me being politically correct. Mz. 007 has cut no cards and kicks off the song by saying, “So, I told a bitch I’m fat, you ugly. I can fix fat, you can’t fix ugly.”

Kabooom! Guess who stepped in the room!

The rest of the song is filled with a hip hop swagger and bravado usually reserved for Mz. O07’s male counterparts. You can’t help but nod your head and bounce a little as the bass and the beat fill your soul.

The song is not terribly serious, but it’s great song to play before you head out to party with your girls on a Saturday night. I mean lines like, “I’m coming through, bitch, I’m gorgeous,” are the soundtrack for an epic pre-game.

Besides, Mz. 007 doesn’t spend any time talking about her sexual proclivities, her looks, or how many men she bagged. Nope. The focus is all on her and the fact that she’s important. And that’s awesome. She also posts photos of herself on her Facebook page with the hashtag #FATFLYCHICK.

The song is fresh and fun, but above all that Mz. 007 looks like she’s having fun during the entire video. The confidence Mz. 007 radiates is refreshing in a time when female entertainers have to be cookie cutter in size, looks, and sound.

But is the world ready for that? Many of the top comments on her YouTube video attack Mz. 007’s weight first as if it’s an immediate dismissal of her skills as a rapper or that she can even be a rapper. Oh. But it’s ok for pre-diet Rick Ross to walk around without a shirt on? Ok. A self-proclaimed fat girl is aware that she’s fat. So what else you got?

Here’s hoping Mz. 007 keeps doing what she’s doing because she is very important.

Check out the video below.

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