Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.41.50 PMObstetrics and gynecology physicians, better known as OB-GYN, are probably the only individuals who should know women as well as they know themselves, or even better. An OB-GYN deal with some of—if not—the most intimate issues a woman will face in her lifetime. For us women, a trip to the OB-GYN can be pretty nerve-racking. While some women prefer a woman physician other women opt for a male physician. However, the woman-dominated position is becoming a bit more popular among men.

Why are men choosing to become one with a woman’s private anatomy? Well New York Magazine gathered 10 male gynecologists and asked what led them to this particular profession. The men, who ranged from 30 to 70-years-old, all had distinct answers.

Check out our top three favorite, but kind of creepy answers.

1. “Better Patients”
According to one gynecologist, women made better patients. He said, “Women are better patients than men. They have no qualms about telling us what’s wrong with them, and therefore we can do what we need to do to get them better. With women, it’s like, ‘Give me the information, and take my advice.’ That system works pretty well. And it’s very satisfying to make people better.”

2. “Patients Hit on Me”
While one physician did not want to ruin his “love of the vagina,” he realized he has never been more professional. Though he has learned to detach himself from the vagina, every now and again he has to combat his natural male instinct. “If a woman is attractive, I do have to fight that part of my brain. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. I’ve had patients legitimately hit on me — one immediately after her abortion, and another right after a pelvic exam,” he revealed.

3. “I Grew Up With Six Sisters”
This particular fellow enjoys making a “huge impact” on his patients and her family. Having been raised with six sisters he was accustomed to dealing with women. He said, “I grew up with six sisters, and so I was used to having my life revolve around estrogen, ovulation, and hormones.”

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