It looks as though Adrian Peterson is a serial child abuser. Yesterday evening, on the heels of being reinstated into the NFL, news came to light that he hit another one of his sons.

A different 4-year-old boy, by a different mother. This time the boy was left with a scar on his forehead. The allegations were supported by photos and text messages.

It said the latest incident took place in June when the boy visited his dad from out-of-state. Photos reviewed by the outlet showed the kid with two bandages covering his head and a later one displaying a scar over his right eye.

The following are the text messages between Peterson and the boy’s mother:

“What happened to his head?” the boy’s mother asked in a text message.

“Hit his head on the car seat,” Peterson replied.

“How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car(?)” the mom asked.

“Yep,” wrote the 220-pound football player.

“Why?” she persisted.

“I felt so bad. But he did it his self,” came the answer.

Other messages revealed that the beating came after the boy cursed at his sibling, KHOU said.

A report was filed with Child Protective Services, but no criminal charges were ever filed, sources told the station.

An NFL spokesman Monday said the league had no immediate plan to overturn the Vikings’ decision.

“(Peterson’s) case, like any of this nature, will be reviewed under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, including now with the assistance of our new special advisor Lisa Friel,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said.

Keep this man away from children.

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  • Anthony

    I really feel sorry for Adrian Peterson. The man clearly has not got a clue when it comes to parenting. The idea that a world class athlete feels he has to beat toddlers bloody means he is not fit to be around children. Seriously, this man is strong and athletic enough to beat down 90% of grown men in their prime, let alone little babies.

  • I don’t care how much money he makes, only losers abuse children!

  • Sunnnee

    Any women stupid enough to sleep with man needs to have their brain re-examined.