Syracuse University Hanna Strong, a senior soccer player, has been suspended after being caught on video using the “n” word and calling someone a f*ggot.

Coach Phil Wheddon has suspended the Monson, Mass., native from the team in light of the allegations. Although the video is not time-stamped,  Strong is seen confronting a black male with his hands up.

“If you touch me, it will be over,” Strong spouts before turning to the person holding the camera. “Are you recording this? You f—-t ass n—-r. It’s bullshit.”

Although a university patrol vehicle can be seen in the video, no one knows what prompted the confrontation.

Daryl Gross, Syracuse’s director of athletics, released a statement in regards to Strong and the video:

“This type of intolerant and hurtful language, focused on both race and sexual orientation, is not part of the culture we seek to foster among our student-athletes and it has no place at Syracuse University,” Gross wrote. “Syracuse Athletics, as a strong and diverse part of this University community, has zero tolerance for these actions.”


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