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Photos from Frank Rubio’s Facebook page.

A South Centre Township, Pennsylvania teen has been charged with ethnic intimidation, harassment, and disorderly conduct for the incident that occurred on August 4, 2014. Authorities said while dressed in full KKK regalia, Walter Corey Reibsome in a truck driven by his friend, Frank Rubio leaned out of the truck’s window and yelled racial slurs  — while Rubio blared his horn at a Black Bloomsburg University college student.

The student was walking down the street alone at night, when she stated that a passenger in a pick-up truck yelled the racial slur, along with “Get out-of-town.”

Reibsome was caught after police followed up with a description of the car he was a passenger in. The truck also matched photos on Reibsome’s Facebook page. Reibsome’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 15th.

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  • Anthony

    I can hear it already, “he’s a good kid, he was just having fun and would never hurt anyone.”

    • vintage3000

      Yup, and they will demand to see the criminal records (always assuming there is one) and academic transcripts of the Black student who was harassed.

  • Me

    same thing happened to some of my friends in gainesville at uf. they didn’t file a police report though. glad this kid did.