AP Photo/Texas Department of Criminal Justice

AP Photo/Texas Department of Criminal Justice

On Wednesday, Lisa Coleman was executed after being convicted of torturing and starving a nine-year-old boy.

In 2004 Coleman was found guilty of killing Davontae Williams, whose body was found in the North Texas apartment she shared with his mother, Marcella Williams. When paramedics found the little boy they were surprised to learn his age. Davontae only weighed 36 pounds at the age of nine, which is half of what a healthy nine-year-old should weigh.

During the trial a pediatrician testified that not only did Davontae had more than 250 distinct injuries, including burns from cigarettes or cigars and scars from ligatures, but also the lack of food causes his body to stop growing.

While the prosecutor said there was not an inch of the boy’s body that was not injured, Coleman’s lawyers insisted it was an accident. Coleman’s lawyers also stated Davontae suffered from mental issues and Coleman and her then girlfriend, Davontae’s mother, did not know how to punish the boy in a positive manner.

Coleman, 38, was executed by lethal injection and became the ninth convicted killer and second woman to receive lethal injection in the state of Texas this year. She is also the 15th woman in America to receive the death penalty since the Supreme Court reinstated death penalties in 1976.

According to Dallas News, Coleman was seen uttering, “Love you all” to those who came to witness her death. She also shared some positive words to the other women facing death row. “Tell them I finished strong. … God is good,” she said.

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