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Slip or slipperiness of a product (usually a conditioner or leave-in) is crucial to Naturals. We need products that will yield massive amounts of slip so the tangles and knots can be removed from our tresses without ripping or tearing our strands. Slip is necessary to detangle your tresses productively and to make the task easier with less hairs on your shower floor. Our hair naturally coils around itself so tangles and knots are commonplace and the job of detangling is required. No way getting around it unless you wear your hair in straightened styles most of the time and even if you do there will be times you will have to detangle to even get them into those styles.

In a nutshell, you need products with amazing slip and it’s not always about the price. There are seriously reasonable products that contain wonderful ingredients that will make your detangling a much better and easier experience.

Fatty alcohols, vegetable oils and butters, herbs, hydrolyzed proteins…all of these are great ingredients for the proper slippage you may want or need to make those pesky tangles and (not so fairy if you ask me) knots go away. It’s crucial to keep as many hairs on your pretty little head by using the right products when detangling or just trying cleanse or condition so we came up with some of the slipperiest, softest, amazingly slippified products that you need to using.

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