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Vogue discovering booties is like Christopher Columbus discovering America. You can’t discover something that has already been noted since the beginning of time.

If you haven’t read the iconic magazine’s article entitled “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty then you’re in for a good laugh. Writer Patricia Garcia has dubbed this “the era of big butts.” I guess she has never heard Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” until Nicki Minaj dropped “Anaconda.”

Garcia writes, “For years it was exactly the opposite; a large butt was not something one aspired to, rather something one tried to tame in countless exercise classes. Even in fashion, that daring creative space where nothing is ever off limits, the booty has traditionally been shunned.”

* Side Eye*

Hey Garcia, the derriere was ONLY shunned by people of European decent. My people, people of color, Black people, Latinos, Caribbean people, we were—and still—remain aware of the booty. A Black girl’s standard of beauty has always put emphasis on curves in all the right places. We have never shunned our naturally voluptuous body. We have always appreciated the way some women’s behind sits so firm you can sit a cup on that thang.

It is evident Garcia has no friends of color. Had she did, I would hope they would take a moment to inform her of her poor attempt at this case study. Thankfully, she had enough smarts to know Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez derriere was worth a mention, but what about the other women many of us picture while participating in the #30daysquatchallenge?

I absolutely adore Vogue’s place in the fashion industry. I mean it’s not coined the fashion Bible for nothing. However, let’s leave the discussion of booties to let’s say to the people who are knowledgeable and have the credentials to discuss a well-endowed behind.

Garcia if you ever plan to reassess big booties, which we all hope you don’t, here are a few people worth mentioning: Serena Williams, Melyssa Ford, Erykah Badu, Trina, Tracee Ellis Ross, Leela James. The list can go on.

Lastly, let’s check out some of Black Twitter’s reactions to #VogueArticles

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