Photo Credit: KHOU,

Photo Credit: KHOU

In Houston, Texas police officials wrestled a high school 10th grader to the floor.

Ixel Perez, who attends Sam Houston High School, is seen pinned to the floor face down by police officers employed by the high school’s district. What was the teenage girl guilty of? For using her cellphone.

The video first aired on KHOU, a CBS affiliate, Tuesday night.

It was reported Perez was caught using her call phone while in class, which is against school policy. The teacher instructed her to go to the hallway. It was then an assistant principal demanded Perez surrendered the phone. School rules require all students who are caught using cell phones turn them over to school administrators and retrieve the device at the end of the school day, for a fee.

The 10th grader did not want to give up her phone because she was conversing with her mother, who suffers from medical conditions.

When HISD resource officers also instructed Perez to hand over the phone, she refused again. It was then “he grabbed my hand, one of them was right here, one grabbed my hand, I didn’t want to let go of my phone because I was on the phone with mom,” she describes.

When Perez’s mother arrived at Sam Houston High School she was turned away from seeing her daughter who was detained by police officials.

The next day, following the attack, Perez and her family protested in front of the school building demanding an investigation and an apology. The teen’s cell phone has not been returned.

Watch the incident below.

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