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Getting Married Fresh Out of School is Virtually a Thing of the Past

Out of all of my closest girlfriends, only one is married. And she and her husband just brought their first child, my beautiful god-daughter, into the world. However, my closest girlfriends are also all doctors, lawyers, accountants, financial and healthcare specialists and the like. They all have at least a master’s degree, and they all are excelling in the fields of their choice. You see, nowadays, it seems as though both men and women are focusing more on building successful careers before settling down and raising a family. Before this might’ve been something on a man’s checklist before he decided to pop the question, but now, both sexes seem to want to attain some level of personal success before taking the plunge. Maybe all those songs with the “Independent Woman” theme are really hitting home as we try to have our own before exchanging vows.

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