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Tracee Ellis Ross, star of the new ABC series Black-ish has been our hair, style and attitude muse since she played Joan on Girlfriends; the quirky bohemian quintessential BFF – similar in a myriad of ways to Tracee’s real life persona. During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the curly-haired starlette spoke on the subject of women altering themselves to fit society’s standard of beauty.

“We have told women that there’s a standard of beauty that makes them think they have to do things to themselves that they aren’t naturally, to look like something that they aren’t naturally, as if who they are is not beautiful. Women have been manipulating their hair, their asses, their breasts, their lips and all of this for some standard of beauty that is not natural as if we’re these airbrushed creatures that are just an object for desire,” she said. “That is not what women are. Women are way fuller creatures and beings than that.”

We wholeheartedly agree with Tracee and funnel much of our own energy towards embracing our natural selves as much as possible.

Here are five easy ways to love yourself now!

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