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If you’re like me then you probably get the feeling that when you read an article about a pop culture trend or turn on the news that something important is missing. Whether it’s a think piece published by a mainstream website or a soundbite on a morning news show, the perspectives of the group of people who are defining pop culture, young people of color (POC), are nowhere to be found. The result is popular media that often feels obtuse (see The New York Time’s twerking article or Vogue’s trend piece on booties) and clueless. Despite the fact that our views and lives are often sidelined, many young POC are bringing intelligent, culturally literate and ridiculously funny cultural commentary to the fore by making their own podcasts.

Here are six podcasts I think you’ll love that either made for millennials by millennials or that manage to speak to the distinct experiences and interests of millennials of color. 

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