Angel Hooper (Credit: KCTV5)

Angel Hooper (Credit: KCTV5)

Angel Hooper, 6, was fatally shot in the parking lot of a Kansas City convenience store, a local station reports.

Hooper and her father, Booker Hooper, had just purchased snacks at a 7-Eleven when someone inside a passing car opened fire, shooting into the parking lot.

Angel’s mother, Charity Guinn said, “Before he could grab her and take her to the ground, she was already on the ground. She passed away.”

The first grader, who was enrolled in a gifted program, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The shooting occurred around 7:15 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17th.

Authorities have not stated whether anyone at the 7-Eleven was the intended target of the shooter.

Protesters have gathered with the family to demand an end to gun violence in Kansas City. The 7-Eleven and the corner of 107th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard have had a number of fatal shootings and robberies over the years.

Angel Hooper (Credit: KCTV5)

Angel Hooper (Credit: KCTV5)

“Please don’t keep quiet. I lost my child to a senseless crime. It’s not fair, it’s really not fair,” Charity Guinn said. “She took the bullet for someone else. My baby’s no longer here.”

Police Chief Darryl Forte, who was on the scene Friday night, released a statement via his Twitter account.

In a written statement, Kansas City Mayor Sly James pushed for a change in gun violence. The mayor wrote:

The senseless drive-by shooting last night that led to the death of a six-year-old girl is another reason why we must get serious about gun violence. Criminals are no longer just killing each other – they are killing our children. This nonsense must end. I have full confidence in the professionals at KCPD, and in the individuals of our community, to find the perpetrator and bring him or her to justice. In the meantime, my thoughts are with the family of precious Angel, who lost her life entirely too soon. She and Damiah White,a three-year-old killed by gun violence in August of 2013, are deserving of a legacy that leads to systemic change in our neighborhoods. If this latest death of one of Kansas City’s children doesn’t make us think seriously about changing our gun culture then I’m not sure what will.

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  • Anthony

    @Anthony, I meant to say that in the real world, the police should know the communities they police well enough to leave the harmless alone while coming down like a ton of bricks on gang members and people like them!

  • Questions of injustice have risen with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown resulting in protests and marches. But what always makes me cringe is that these marches and protests aren’t taking it to the street where the majority of young black lives are being slayed by the hands of other black people! We are dying from the hands of our own people and THAT needs to be addressed. My heart goes out the families of the young men fallen from policy brutality and racial profiling, it really does. But if this movement can also shed light on gang violence and hoodlum ‘Chief Keef’ behavior (like the low lives who decided to take advantage of the protest in Ferguson and go on a theft raid to cop some J’s) there would me be more lives saved….

  • Jay Cee

    When are these maniacs going to STOP! They can’t complain about anybody else, thug, murderous cops or anybody else as long as they keep on killing at senseless random. I wonder what their mothers would think if they knew. Maybe they DO know.

  • Cory (Phoenix Ares)

    R.I.P. little girl. Her parents are in my thoughts.