There are several reports surrounding the Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose split. However, the one that seems closest to the truth is allegedly Rose walked in on Khalifa in a sexual tryst with twins.

According to Peter Rosenberg, co-host of Ebro In the Morning on NYC’s HOT 97 — a close friend and confidant of Rose, Rose and Khalifa were having marital problems, but Rose believed it was something the two could work out.

Rosenberg said, “I believe from my relationship with Amber, that she knew they had problems, she knew he wasn’t happy — she wasn’t happy either — but she was also like, ‘He’s touring, he’s going through a lot, and at some point we’re going to work on this again,’” he continued, “it’s a marriage.”

More specifically, the radio host detailed exactly what led to the Philadelphia native filing for divorce. “Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,” he said. “Twins, twin sisters, twin biological sisters.”

Rosenberg also showed a deleted Instagram image of Khalifa with the twin sisters Jas and Ness Rose, fashion designers of the New Vintage.

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The radio personality made it clear the rumors that accused Rose of being unfaithful and that Khalifa said he didn’t want to be married any more is a ploy to make Khalifa look like the good guy.

Watch Rosenberg dish the deets below.

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  • Thank You

    @Anthony thanks for your reply, I love your comments on here. In this case Wiz had $ and more fame to offer. I believe that she knew what she was getting into, but like a lot of these video vixen/Instagram thirst searchers, she thought she was “unique” and special just for her looks. Not so. Another similar case would be Kendra, the blonde who used to be one of Hugh Hefner’s girls. (How sad is that when that’s your only claim to fame.)

  • @Anthony, 1 more point because I really think this is an important conversation to have esp. if you have young daughters. Both prim and proper church members and Instagram models have limited thinking. What I’m talking about is having an ambition for yourself as a woman that will have long-term benefits instead of relying on your looks or a man for success.