Landry Major / Getty Images North America

Landry Major / Getty Images North America

Well, well, well, file this one under: Only in America. Yesterday, former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was engaged in a standoff with local police and SWAT officers at his home in Mission Viejo, California, after being served with multiple warrants for his arrest.

Instead of cooperating with the police like a person with sense, Miller used his time “wisely” and took to Twitter  as soon as the incident started, where he complained about “the absolute waste of resources” going on outside of his house.

However, according to the Orange County warrant database, Miller was being sought on three separate felony charges including injured spouse, criminal contempt and stalking, with an expected bail to be set at $200,000. His next court date has been scheduled for Oct. 14.

It should also be noted that Miller, who hasn’t fought since 2012, has had several run-ins with the law during his MMA career. In 2005 he was arrested on burglary and assault charges in Hawaii, although he was acquitted at trial the following year. Miller was arrested in 2012, accused of vandalizing a local church while naked. Those charges eventually were dropped. In 2013, Miller was arrested twice in two weeks on domestic violence charges.

Several police cars, SWAT team vehicles and ambulances were on the scene during the standoff, but Miller just tweeted through the “injustice.”

Here are a sampling of the tweets:

What?! Well if this isn’t the audacity of white and privilege at its finest then I don’t know what is. Is this man really trying to align himself with and compare himself to a Black man?! This white man who was able to tweet through the duration of a standoff between he and an entire SWAT team? That’s where I’m going to have to stop you, Mr. Miller, and tell you to go on ahead and take yourself outside so you can get arrested.

Clearly no one fears you because you were able to stay alive throughout this entire incident. If only Black people in this country had that privilege. But no, one wrong word, one wrong movement, one wrong look, or actually doing no wrong at all can still cause Black folks and people of color to get beaten, or shot, or even worse killed by law enforcement.

Miller is not Black, he is a white man who was able to tweet about his experience with the police and live to tell about it. He was even able to tweet an article that had been written about the standoff all while he remained locked in his house! That is pure madness.  Miller finally did surrender to authorities, but the fact that he could do all of this and survive is just another example of the racial disparities, especially surrounding police policies, in this nation. For too many people of color, there’s a shoot first, ask questions later policy. Whereas, white people get the ‘benefit of the doubt, maybe they’re just having a bad day, we can work it out’ policy.

So, no Jason “Mayhem” Miller, you are not a Black man because if you were, I’d be writing a totally different story about this incident with a completely different ending.

Diana Veiga is a Spelman woman, a DC resident, and a freelance writer. Of course, she’s also on Twitter.

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