Here’s a roundup of news you may have missed, but need to know.


Can they live? After coming off their successful On the Run Tour, Jay Z and Beyoncé are still crazy, drunk in love. All those pesky divorce rumors should be cast aside because the new rumor is that they have reportedly renewed their wedding vows and are mansion-hunting in Paris. Or so says an anonymous source. The same anonymous source has “confirmed” rumors that the couple is working on a new album together. Only time will tell when it comes to this power couple.

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  • Suuzie

    I hope their love continue to thrive and flourish so they can both be there for Blue.

  • MimiLuvs

    “…the new rumor is that they have reportedly renewed their wedding vows and are mansion-hunting in Paris…”


    This case of ponderment was not inspired by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s interest in moving to the City of Lights.

    Well… Not just them. But, by the Black-Americans’ (in general) romanticization of France.

    What I am trying to say (and failing miserably to explain, by the way) is how is it possible for Black-Americans to put France on this “racially-utopia” pedestal, when its as dirty as America, when it comes to acts of racism.

    Is it a peculiar case of tribalism; where Black-Americans do not empathetically connected to the people who are disenfranchised (read: people who are orginally from African countries) in that country?

    Is it a case of being ill-informed about the racist/bigoted acts that occurred in this country?

  • Ang28

    Why do ppl still fall for hype of celebrity marriages? Gazing into each others eyes on on the red carpet doesn’t mean your marriage is actually a bed of roses. Vowal renewals when you’re not at a landmark year (10, 15, etc.) is usually a red flag there was trouble in paradise and the couple is trying to start over. Its great that couples try rather than rush to divorce but no need to pretend everything is perfect bc of their public persona. Just look at the celebrity couples who do this. Seal & Heidi Klum renewed their vowels every year and everyone talked about them like they were the perfect couple but they split a few weeks after the seventh ceremony. Nick & Mariah renewed their vowels last year. J Lo and Marc renewed their vowels several times. Bey and Jay have already renewed their vowels and each time was after rumors of Jay cheating. And now it comes out that the Neelys hated each other the entire time they had their show. Celebrities are human. I wish people would stop glamorizing celebrity couples.

  • Chi

    Clutch you seem to have missed the news on Geneva Thomas attacking Melyssa Ford? Everyone(tmz,griot,necolebitchie, NYpost) has reported it except you guys. Hmmmm.

  • ALM

    1. I’m happy for Amber Vinson.

    2. When I was very young I used to think that vow renewals were sooooo romantic, and then one of my married cousins told me that often couples renew their vows after some major negative trauma to the relationship, i.e. cheating, loss of a child, etc.