On Monday, R&B singer Chris Brown took to Twitter to share his thoughts regarding the Ebola outbreak, which has caused deaths in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone as well as Texas.

He tweeted:

Brown quickly followed the tweet by saying, “Let me shut my black ass up!”

The initial tweet received more than 30,000 retweets and more than 21,000 individuals favorite the tweet. Several people agreed with the “New Flame” singer, while others dismissed the idea.

One person, who agreed, said:

While another replied:

According to the World Health Organization, the death count has hit 4,000 in those countries as of Monday. Most recently in Texas one Ebola patient has died, while a nurse who had daily contact with the patient has been diagnosed with the virus.

In addition, there was also an Ebola scare in Brooklyn, N.Y. A teen, who had recently visited Sudan, was rushed to Brookdale Hospital last Friday night with Ebola-like symptoms, authorities said. However, following a series of tests it was determined the patient does not have Ebola.

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  • C.

    Who cares if he is or isn’t. Why not just post about the recent case (the nurse) of Ebola or the questionable case in NYC that was just reported then questioning if Chris is some of kind of anything. This was an irrelevant article.

  • ALM

    It looks like the nurse received the doctor’s blood with antibodies….the same blood that was denied to the man who died last week. SMH

    • desertrose


    • Wow, didn’t know that….

    • Chambers Sesay

      Dr. Kent Brantly DID offer to donate his blood to Mr. Duncan; he couldn’t give him any blood because they had different blood types. Please educate yourself so that you can stop spreading lies and dividing people.

    • ALM

      At “Chambers”: I was wondering how long it would take before someone came on here with that opinion.

      I saw the news reports about the alleged wrong blood type.

      You have the right to believe what you believe, and I have the right to believe what I believe.

      By the way, I “educated” myself long ago regarding blood types, etc. There are universal donors and universal acceptors of blood….The man in Dallas was dying. It is clear from the way the doctor treated at Emory worded his statement that the hospital in Dallas didn’t even try to see if the transfusion would work.

      The man was dying. Even if there was a chance of an issue with blood type, they should have tried. The hospital in Dallas reportedly had no problem trying other experimental treatments, so why not try the antibody treatment?

      As for dividing people, that was done a long time ago. Don’t try to blame people who have different opinions from your own for the division that this nation was built on.

  • I’m glad there were so many favorites from his tweet. What Chris said has merit. The West and now the East (China) sees how fast West Africa is growing population wise and economic wise. In addition, having the most abundant natural resources in the world, you can see how the rest of the world sees these trends as a threat for domination and control over their own nations….Open your eyes, this is no coincidence

    • Tibinox

      It should have been milions of people favorite the tweet. It’s a shame only a handfull of people are awake compared to the rest of the world. Indeed it is no coincidence. And the truth IS stranger than fiction and realy IS for most, to much to handle.

  • Darkness901

    I’m not listening to a damn thing this crackpot has to say. This disease has been around since 1976. So don’t give me this bull about some mess being made by the government. Chris Brown has the same relevance as this sweet potato I’m about to eat.

    Get the hell on with this mess. I guess Tupac is alive and Michael Jackson is moonwalking down the street giving out the cure for AIDS.

    • Jay Cee

      1976? Where’d this this decease come from? What about the Tuskegee syphllis “study?” What about AIDS? You need to educate yourself before you call somebody a crackpot. Just for the record, I am NO fan of Chris Brown. I don’t even like that kind of music.

  • Tony

    Why is his tweet so unbelieveable, very powerful people believe that the world is overpopulated and like cattle, these same powerful people are intent on culling the population.