Amazingly people still don’t believe that women don’t love to be catcalled and street harassed by random, strange and sometimes scary men. Nope, it seems that people have this boys will be boys attitude, so just buck up and deal with it ladies! Who cares that you might potentially be raped, stalked, or murdered? Those are just minor details and we should willingly accept that men have no kinds of self-control or act right and enjoy these “compliments.”


Thankfully, we have The Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams on the case to straighten things out and let these dudes know that women do not love being catcalled. The video is filled with Williams walking down the street talking about routes to avoid and methods to employ so she or you won’t get catcalled by anyone on the way to work. Williams tells women what they need to do to avoid catcalls: wear large headphones! Always looks down! Who cares if you might bump into things? She splices this with some interviews of women from talk shows saying that women should feel flattered to be catcalled and men saying that you can’t stop ‘boys from being boys’. Williams ends the segment by interviewing a group of women who talk about their uncomfortable experiences with street harassment and what they have to do to make it down these mean streets. Rule Number One? Put on your bitch face.

Of course it’s hilarious, but it’s also disturbing that we have to keep having this conversation and repeatedly tell men that they don’t have an all access pass to women’s bodies and yes this includes shouting your sexual desires from the sidewalk.

Check out the video below.

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