PHOTO: Justin Coit/Byrdie

PHOTO: Justin Coit/Byrdie

In a feature for Byrdie that celebrates strong women, Zimbabwean-American Danai Gurira gives us life in everything from Marni to Prada to Ashley Pittman. The beauty dishes on her makeup palette choices, her character on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and much more.

On her makeup and skincare regimen:
Gurira isn’t afraid to try bold colors. Rocking pink, blue and orange eye shadows, she said, “Me and color work well together.”

Her #1 beauty tip:
“Drink lots of water.  It hit me in my 30s. Jennifer Aniston says it all the time. I was like, ‘What is she talking about?’ and then finally I saw it. It makes a difference if you drank water or if you didn’t.”

On her character Michonne:
“She is a woman of unapologetic strength, and I thought that was an interesting character to explore. I am not as agile as her, probably not as smart, not as strategic, and not as chill, but we both definitely have a fighter in us. We are women who can’t hide our strength, and can’t downplay it, no matter how hard we try.”

On fitness:
“I took up Pilates, and I’ve been swimming more and more. Sometimes I’m such a gym rat and just want to feel weight resistance, and then sometimes I do Jillian Michaels.”

To view the full Byrdie feature click here.

Check out the photos from the shoot.

Photo Credits: Justin Coit/Byrdie

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