People, men especially, continue to ignore the dangers of street harassment and the fact it gives men a sense of entitlement and has them believing they deserve access to a woman’s body. This type of thinking can lead to violence when a man hears a woman say ‘no’ and mean it. Unfortunately for one woman, her life was ended all because she said ‘no.’ 27-year-old Mary Spears was gunned down because she rejected a man’s advances inside a hall on Detroit’s east side.

Detroit police arrived at the hall early Sunday morning and they found Spears had been shot and killed. Five other people who had attended the even had been shot as well.

Police say Spears was approached by a 38-year-old man who tried to talk with her. She indicated she wasn’t interested and his reaction must have leaned towards violence because security had to escort the man out of the club. He apparently got into a fight outside and that’s when he allegedly pulled out his gun and opened fire.

Spears’ was one of the first people shot and was shot in the head. The others all were shot in the leg or hip. They are expected to recover from their injuries and are cooperating with the police.

This is a developing story.

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  • Anthony

    When I was young, I was offended when some women would not speak back when spoken to, but stories like this make me understand why they acted the way they did!

    • Colorless

      Man thinks he is entitled to a hello from random women.

      He becomes offended at the notion that women actually have the right to choose who they speak to.

      It took man to understand the issue only after he read stories of women being assaulted and/or killed for rejecting a man’s advances.

      What a shame.

      I’m not interested in any rebuttals.

  • Mary Burrell

    This dirtbag has rejection issues. SMH.

  • MyTwoCents

    This is very painful. I pray for the family who lost this beloved member of the family. I read a story on theRoot.com of a woman in NY, who was attacked with a knife after she refused a man’s advances. (She survived, fortuately.) Are these men deranged or on drugs? Why on earth should a simple “no” mean that someone’s life is in jeopardy ?

  • debnbrooklyn

    Malcolm X said black women are the most disrespected least protected women.