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Well it seems that now Danièle Watts really has something to cry about. The actress and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas have both been charged with lewd conduct. According to the Los Angeles Times, on Tuesday, the district attorney filed misdemeanor lewd conduct charges; if convicted they could face a six month sentence and a $1000 fine. These charges are based on an incident that sparked headlines when Watts accused the LA police officer of racial profiling and accusing her of being a prostitute because she was with a white man. Watts and Lucas’s story were challenged by witnesses who accused them of having sex in the middle of the day. Watts and Lucas are scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 13.

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  • Anthony

    Oh well.

  • Darkness901

    Outstanding! Her ass needs to be charged.

  • MommieDearest

    Hmph. That’s what they get. *yawn*

    Off topic- I LOVE the lipstick she’s wearing in the photo. I wish I knew the brand/color so I can buy it.