Can we talk about Drake today? Can we talk about his new song, “How About Now?” It’s no secret how much I love Drake. He’s the “realest” out there to me. Real in the sense that I think he truly sticks to rapping about the basic elements of his life. Sometimes he tries a little too hard to be a G, but for the most part he’s not selling an alternate image of himself. I’m looking at you, Rick Ross.

I especially love emo Drake. And this song is the epitome of emo. Drake is Captain emo on this one. Giving all the feels!

First, the song starts with a voice mail message (that has you like is that Nicki Minaj or nah) from a woman who is accusing Drake of basically dissing and dismissing her. Then we go into the song where Drake is of course talking to a woman from his past, from his pre-fame, pre-the good life. He raps/sing songs about all of the things that he did for a woman – drove through the snow for her when she had to take the bar exam? Check! –  and how she wasn’t really checking for him at the time. But how about now? Girl, how about now? Now that he’s famous and a superstar. Plus, as with most Drake songs, the beat is on point.

Listen. This song is greatness because who hasn’t had a ‘how about now’ moment. We are in the throes of cuffing season and those hey stranger texts and phone calls are rolling in. Former boos who played you or didn’t appreciate you might be looking across the way, checking you out, now that they see all you have to offer. Too bad, so sad that you missed out on all this greatness at the time.

Now admittedly, it’s kind of petty to count all of the things that you used to do for a person. But hey, just add me to the Tom Petty club right alongside with Drake who’s not only a member, he’s the President. When you give a lot of yourself to a person and your deeds and actions go unappreciated at the time, but then that person tries to come back into your life? Oooooooo, talk about the ultimate ego boost. Can’t help but do a little shimmy and shake in their face.

This song will be on repeat for this fall/winter season. Settle into it. And if you have experienced a ‘how about now’ moment in your dating/relationship lifetime, turn up the volume and sing along.

Check out the song below.

Have you had a ‘how about now’ moment?

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