The one and only Erykah Badu decided to sing on a Manhattan street corner for money. Best thing about that? She videotaped it and titled it: Street Hustle Experience.

The video was shot on her phone by a friend named Carl Jones. At the beginning of the clip someone recognizes Badu and asks to take picture of her. Badu says, “Beat it! I’m trying to do something.” But then stops and obliges.

After that, Badu takes off her large hat so “people won’t recognize her”, puts the hat on the ground, and starts singing for money. People walk by quickly, ignore her and dismiss her, and basically do everything they can not to have to acknowledge her. Now, it probably didn’t help that Badu wasn’t actually singing a real song, but instead literally asking people to give her money because she didn’t want to get a job. Especially hilarious was the part when she starts singing about how she hasn’t sold a record in two years.

If this is what people will do to Erykah Badu, an already accomplished musician in the industry, then I can only imagine what aspiring artists who move to New York City in search of their dream endure.

Allegedly after 41 minutes of singing on the street, Badu only made three dollars and six dimes. Yeah, you may laugh cause you did not do your math.

Check out the video below.

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