Danielle Prescod (Photo Credit: Elle)

ELLE Fashion Editor Danielle Prescod (Photo Credit: Elle)

This week, another mainstream news outlet decided to declare a new trend for the upcoming winter season. What is it, you ask? Timberlands aka Timbs. Yes, Timbs. Elle Magazine has declared Timbs are the “new” thing.


Earlier this week Elle’s Fashion Editor Danielle Prescod wrote about how her prediction for Timbs to be the next big thing. She wrote:

Last summer, it was the beloved hippie sandal, the Birkenstock, that was resurrected by the fashion pack. This season, I predict a similar ascent to fashion greatness for the classic Timberland boot. Here’s why: All cool girls are wearing Timbs, from Cara Delevingne to Rihanna to Gwen Stefani. (And it’s no coincidence that they all hang out, either—cool begets cool. I’m not saying she’s not cool, but Taylor Swift has never been photographed in a Timberland.) Anyway, now that stylish babies North West and Blue Carter have been spotted in Timbs—and they just learned how to walk—I know that they’re about to explode. They. Are. Happening.

There was of course the usual backlash on Black Twitter, questioning if Danielle had ever met Black people before, seeing as how we’ve been wearing Timbs for years. But, plot twist: Danielle Prescod is Black.

Once Black Twitter came for her neck and everything in her purse in their typical fast and furious way, Danielle tried to defend herself:

A mainstream absorption? You mean white people? And someone asked her if cool girls means Black girls? Ha! The article has since been removed from the site and it’s no wonder why. Listen, I really don’t have the time or energy to conjure up some faux outrage for this, but I do wonder why Danielle didn’t mention that Timbs have been worn by everyday Black people for decades. This is not like a white writer for the LA Times declaring that cornrows are the “new” thing. A Black woman had the opportunity to shout us and she didn’t. The fact that she mentioned North West and Blue Carter are wearing Timbs (as if they dress themselves) without mentioning Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyoncé and her Manolo Timbs, hip hop, “urban” fashion, or Black people is just laughable and ludicrous. We expect the erasure of our culture and trends to come from people who don’t look like us, but I guess Danielle has absorbed some of the mainstream ways. Such a shame.

Diana Veiga is a Spelman woman, a DC resident, and a freelance writer. Of course, she’s also on Twitter.

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  • Anonin

    I don’t get her personal pic. She only needed one top but I guess she liked both too much to pick idk.

    Personally I want a pair of timbs but I’m west coast, uggs run things over here (and no I’m not going to wear ugglies.) Last time I owned timbs I was a child and my mom shook her head at them. “Idk why he even bought you those it doesn’t snow here.”

  • ALM

    She really messed up when she said “….mainstream absorption”.

  • McStagger

    Why would or should Danielle Prescod mention Timberlands have been worn by blacks for years? Trends come and trends go. We think Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie, Nicki Minaj & Raven Symone are so cool for having crazy colored hair but Lil Kim & Gwen Stefani were rocking crazy colored hair almost 20 years prior. So should fashion magazines mention Lil Kim & Gwen Stefani were rocking colored hair in 1999 when they ooh and aww over Katy & Kylie doing it?

    I’m more disturbed about the lack of diverse models in the pages of ELLE than ELLE declaring Timberlands making a comeback.

  • Bren

    Well, all I will add is that I am dying to find a pair of GT scramble with the red shoe strings. I’ve gone to Timberland stores and they don’t even have them!