It seems like today’s modern man just doesn’t understand the modern, liberated woman. Plus, with social media where half-naked Instagram hotties reign supreme and men enjoy access to never-ending streams of porn, it also seems they have unrealistic expectations of the average woman’s looks, size, and sexual needs. We won’t even get into how they feel about relationships, if they even desire a committed, monogamous relationship to begin with. The point is, the battle of the sexes is real.

But enter College Humor who has decided to provide us with a little funny by releasing a “Sexually Enlightened R&B Song” that makes fun of not just modern-day R&B songs where men whine and wail about their sexual prowess, but explores what happens when men’s misogynistic ways and women’s feminist empowerment ways collide.

The video filmed in black and white with a slim male singer and a natural haired brown skin sista (so we already know it’s a parody) starts off like a typical R&B song where the man brags that he’s going to, “do you right. I’m going to do you right tonight.” Things get flipped and turned around quickly though, as he begins to sing about how he’s going to push her against the wall and take her, but then says, “or you can take me, whichever you prefer.” The song continues as R&B dude croons on about reciprocity in the bedroom, wishing there were male birth control and offering to pay her half for having to be on the pill, and just being really in tuned with a woman’s sexual needs and desires.

If only it were all true. But for now, just enjoy the video.

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