1383092469_176222566_kerry-washington-467Everyone’s favorite “fixer” is returning to the big screen, this time in a leading role. Scandal lead Kerry Washington will star in an upcoming romantic comedy titled Is He The One.

Deadline described the movie:

The comedy begins with a woman dressing for her wedding, and it ends with a walk down the aisle. Washington plays the bride and the story is told in flashbacks that cycle through the three major relationships of her life. The big question: who’s at the end of that final walk, waiting for her at the altar?

Sounds like it has potential and might be interesting to see a complex, Black woman character on-screen.

Is He The One was written by DJ Richardson and Michelle Morgan—who penned the 2012 Kristin Wiig vehicle, Girl Most Likely. The film will be directed by Malcolm D Lee writer and director of The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday, which was a was a box-office gold.

One aspect of this project that will be particularly interesting is whether or not it will be a quote unquote, black film—that is, a film with a primarily black cast.

No word on who will play her potential beaus or when production will begin, but this is definitely exciting news.

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  • ALM

    Adrianne Byrd has a novel along the same lines. The difference is the options are between two men in the book instead of three men, as it seems it will be in the film.

    I just pray to God that they let Mrs. Washington pick at least two of these men. Do not play me with another Craig Robinson love interest.

    Better yet, cast some sexy unknown up and coming people. I just had a thought, please let Chadwisk Boseman be one of the love interests. The other two men can be unknowns.

    You can send my casting idea check to po box…….

    • Jen

      Chadwick Boseman. Yes!

  • 1989

    Good, because she owes us for Peeples.

  • Suuzie

    As long as it’s not Terrence Howard or taye diggs.