Credit 'Sesame Street' / YouTube

Credit ‘Sesame Street’ / YouTube

I must say that I’m in love with this video of Ice Cube on Sesame Street. While there, he does magic tricks and talks with Elmo about things that are astounding and amazing. He even turns himself into an ice-cube. My soul leaps with joy! Pure joy! Plus, he gives Elmo a little side hug at the end to remind us that he’s still the realest.

You’ve come a long way, O’Shea Jackson! A mighty long way.

Who knew that seeing you in family friendly films like “Are We There Yet?” was only the beginning? Who knew you would trade in music for film and make his own 30 for 30 documentaries? Who knew what seemed like a permanent scowl and attitude seemingly against all things institutional and the powers that be would one day be erased? Or at least minimized? Not I. Not I.

I guess that’s what money and middle age will do. It makes you soft. And all melty like an ice-cube.

But beyond that, I respect these hip hop legends: Ice Cube, Jay Z, Ice T, LL Cool J, just to name a few for showing the world that they are grown men. They are fathers. They are husbands. They are family men who provide. They worked and twerked the entertainment industry so that it worked for them. They made sure to find ways and created avenues that would allow them to have longevity in the game (which we all know means steady paychecks) and remain relevant. This is not the Ice Cube of my childhood/youth. But why would it be? Why should it be? Growth and growing up are part of life. We all change in some way.

Plus, I’m sure there’s still a little rage, still a little bit of a scowl, somewhere deep down in Ice Cube’s bones and soul. Can’t you see it? Just beyond the new twinkle in his eye? It’s still there. Oh we know it’s there. But in the meantime, I’m loving this Ice Cube who is clearly living out the anything is possible, re-brand yourself, fool, American Dream.

Check out the video below. It’s totally adorbs!

Diana Veiga is a Spelman woman, a DC resident, and a freelance writer. Of course, she’s also on Twitter.

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