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Are movies obsessed with light-skinned characters? One writer thinks so. Morgan Jerkins wrote an article, The “Dear White People” syndrome: Why movies are obsessed with light-skinned black characters for Salon about the visible differences between the light-skinned and dark-skinned female characters in the movie Dear White People. She writes, “The film is a bold attempt. But I could not help wondering why a light-skinned biracial woman was the lead female protagonist, the champion of civil rights on the fictitious Winchester University’s campus… Meanwhile, the dark-skinned female supporting character, Colandrea Conners, or Coco Conners, is seen as a weave-wearing, eye-rolling, social-climbing and pretentious woman who is afraid to admit that she comes from South Side Chicago. Secretly, Coco wants to be Samantha since Samantha is getting more attention, both virally and literally from a TV producer. Again, this narrative has been produced: A lighter-skinned woman is given more attention while a darker-skinned woman struggles for the same recognition. ” Check out the full article here.

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