When news broke a couple of months back that Keke Palmer would be playing Broadway’s first Black Cinderella, I nearly dropped off of my bed. And people, my bed isn’t even all that high off the ground. I feel like I need to say that in order to fully convey my sheer excitement at the time. Even still, you really had to be there.

If you know anything about the classic Cinderella story; you’re going into this expecting a whole lot and you leave having been given everything you wanted; the glitz, the glam, the love, the MUSIC and then some. From the opening scene, one thing is crystal clear: Keke Palmer is a star. A jewel. A gem. *throws wand* All eyes are on her from the first to the last second and she captivates the audience even after the final curtain call.

For those of us who pressed our faces to the tv when Brandy played Cinderella alongside Whitney Houston in the 1997 made for tv movie version, there’s a sense of sweet nostalgia but never any comparisons between the two beautiful brown skin princesses. Looking around the theater, you could see dozens of little black girls dressed to the nines from head to toe and it was hard not to feel extremely proud of Keke and even a little emotional. At intermission, none of us were complaining about the price of the apple juice. All we wanted was to stay hydrated while we braced ourselves for what else was in store

The producers added to the story a bit, I suppose for both substance and sheer delight – and it made sense. At no point did you feel like “Damn. This is not how it went down. They got it all wrong. Who is Darnell and why is he wearing a cape?” I must admit we did leave scratching our heads though, simply because the costume changes could only be referred to as actual magic. You didn’t blink but you still can’t figure it out magic.

There were so many breathtaking moments, so many times we wanted to rush the stage and be one with the cast. And make no mistake about it – Sherri Shepherd’s performance was just as stellar as Keke’s. The entire cast was outstanding.

I can honestly say this is hands down the most amazing Broadway show I’ve ever been to. And that’s coming from someone who sings Broadway tunes in her sleep! (Slight, necessary exaggeration but you get the point)

Tickets are available at www.cinderellaonbroadway.com. The show runs until January 3rd and Nene Leakes will be replacing Sherri Shepherd after November 23rd.

If you’ve seen it or plan on going, comment and let us know what you think!

Click through our gallery to check out some photos from the show!

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