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On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric holder announced President Obama has appointed a new head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and it is a woman. WooHoo!

POTUS selected Vanita Gupta, the deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. Gupta is leading the ACLU’s National Campaign to end mass incarceration as well as an adjunct clinical professor at New York University School of Law, where she teaches and oversees a racial justice litigation clinic.  She supports decriminalizing marijuana, which she believes has contributed to the nation’s overcrowded prison system.

Gupta dopeness doesn’t stop there. She has won various awards for her advocacy and has been quoted extensively in national and international media on racial justice and criminal justice issues. In 2011, the National Law Journal recognized her as a Top 40 Minority Lawyer Under 40.

In a press release, Holder said, “Vanita has spent her entire career working to ensure that our nation lives up to its promise of equal justice for all. Even as she has done trailblazing work as a civil rights lawyer, Vanita is also known as a unifier and consensus builder.  She has a knack for bridging differences and building coalitions to drive progress.  I am certain that Vanita will serve as a sound steward of this critical division, continuing the exemplary work that Molly Moran, Jocelyn Samuels and Tom Perez, have so ably led.”



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  • rant alert

    @vintage3000 – You need to explain how you drew that out of my last rant especially when I, specifically, stated that there are black leaders who work to the detriment of other blacks (towards the end).

    We are so disenfranchised and marginalized that our community strength efforts directed towards to benefit of the majority of US isn’t organized, strong or structured enough to eliminated the prominent influence of those LIKE US who work towards our destruction…

    i.e. we are so messed up as a supposed people, collective race, from America, Europe, African, Australia, the Middle East, the South Pacific…it’s not even funny. We can’t even draw from within our own race, cultural or ethnic communities, to advocate for ourselves to fight through adversities set before use by white supremacy and hegemony. We seem to mostly have to rely on others to do if for us, especially if we are not among, or allied with elite blacks who many times are simply driven by self-interest and not preservation of black culture, language, bloodline, etc…