Here’s a roundup of news that you may have missed, but need to know.

A Black woman, Courtney Carter wrote for the Huffington Post about how Black men don’t like Black women. Not all of them of course, but most. She goes through a list of reasons why Black men claim not to like Black women: ghetto/too much attitude, not attractive, always wearing weaves, etc. Cue the drama! Check it out.

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  • Same

    It’s nice to know the opinion of 1 black man is somehow representative of all 20 million of us in America. I wasn’t aware of this until I read this article.

  • OK you made some very good points however because we come from a black women by, black women was our first teachers, our first protector, the first human being to nurse us, feed us, the face we looked at the most was a black women, in some ways the black women our mothers was a god to us, black men operating in our very nature we should prefer only black women and when that don’t happen something very wrong has happen in nature.

  • Prosperity

    There is probably nowhere an African American woman would be more free of this issue than in one of the English speaking countries in Africa, with the exception of some Caribbean islands. In Africa she would meet tons of black men and there would be virtually no white women to compete with her for them. However, if you are not black and you suggest to African Americans that they might be happier in Africa, even if you are suggesting this to a black woman so she can find a good black man, they will get offended or even angry. Nevertheless, if I was an African American woman I might strongly consider saving up some money in America and using it to move to Africa, where the money would go further and where the black men are almost all looking for black women.

  • Not true, a very big lie most black men may not like the way some black carry themselves with this “over the top abrasive nastiness” but without a doubt the black man love, adore and admire the black women.