Steve Harvey may have chosen to let bygones be bygones with Paula Deen, but not everyone’s quite yet simmered down from the burn of the celebrity chef’s public racial scandal from last summer in which she admitted to using the N-word and organizing a slavery-themed wedding. According to Eater.com, Deen ignited yet another race-tinged frenzy when a photo on the website for her Savannah, Georgia restaurant Lady & Sons was labeled as representative of a “mammy figure” by the Facebook group For Black Women Only. The group said the photo reinforces the mammy stereotype and “evokes images of slavery when our women ancestors would cook for their masters and ring a bell.” The group also implores Black women to destroy “the mammy archetype, stereotypes and all its characteristics.”

Upon noticing the outrage, Deen’s spokesperson issued a response stating that the ad in question has been featured on the Lady & Sons website for five years and the woman being referred to as a mammy-like figure has worked as Deen’s restaurant employee for “over 17 years” and “is like family to the Deens.”

Hmm…despite Deen’s recent efforts to revamp her soiled image, I’m not sure if any amount of Judy’s Smith’s crisis management will ever succeed in totally cleaning up her client’s mess.

What’s your take Clutchettes? Should Deen replace the photo in light of her recent racial discrimination scandal? Should the fact that this is a 5-year-old photo be taken into account?

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  • ALM

    These women are WAYYYYYY late to this issue. This lady’s image has been on Paula’s website at least two or three years (if not more).

    At this point, it’s up to the individual to decide whether Paula deserves their coins. If you don’t want to support her, then don’t. This country has shown that there are plenty of people (some of them Black) who have no problem with Paula and her plantation fantasies.

  • noirluv45

    ALM, I’m sure many Blacks don’t care. You know how loyal come of us can be.

    Chris Rock said, “Black people LOVE White folks.” LOL.

  • TT

    I’m just curious about how the woman in the photo feels about being labeled a mammy. She clearly is oblivious to the stereotype being portrayed. She’s been a restaurant employee for over 17 years which tells you something.

    • Cups

      Money talks to some.

    • Objection

      @ Cups

      Can you offer her better employment? If not, maybe you shouldn’t judge people. This lady is trying to make a decent living. The problem is not her, the problem is Paul Deen’s treatment of employees. Also, mammy did not have the opportunities you and I have today. The problem was never mammy, the problem was/is racist American society. I’m proud that mammy made the best of a horrible situation.

  • The Other Jess

    OK….wow. Way to insult the older lady in this picture. She looks like an old lady, not mammy. I have no idea how anyone would think she looks like a mammy figure. Besides mammy had more to do with the slavishly-servile-yet-sassy and undignified way a person acts (i.e all the actresses in The Help), not mainly how you look.