Disgraced TV chef Paula Deen says lessons have been learned

The Paula Deen 2014 Apology Tour continues. And this time she’s making a stop on Steve Harvey’s television show so Black people will know it’s real. According to a press release, Deen will make an appearance on Harvey’s talk show, where he will explain her new involvement with his mentoring camp. The episode will air on Oct. 2.

The Root reported:

Harvey is allowing Deen and her team to teach culinary skills to boys from the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp. Each year 100 fatherless boys attend Harvey’s camp in Dallas during Father’s Day weekend. During their stay the boys are taught principles of manhood and introduced to positive male role models.

“Paula and her team has agreed to take as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah and teach them culinary skills,” Harvey says on the show. “That, to me, is how you get something from something. There has to be a good behind everything.”

Harvey also realizes that his actions may receive criticism from bloggers, so he has asked them to also write “that I don’t give a damn.”

Clearly Deen’s new PR team has been putting in that work. If you can’t get some couch time with Oprah on her OWN Network, then Steve Harvey is the next best thing at the moment for an “ex-racist” trying to turn her life around and get some of that positive press back and those funds and endorsements flowing again. And what better way to do it than helping fatherless boys, many of them who are probably African-American?

Love him or hate him, Steve Harvey is at the top of his game and his reach is great. Many have criticized Harvey’s decision to choose Deen instead of a Black chef. Fair. But this is business and Deen is working overtime on the road to redemption. Harvey could have declined the offer, but he didn’t. And apparently he doesn’t give a damn what you think about it.

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  • Star

    Good for Steve I think that this is a win/win situation. Maybe YOU haven’t made mistakes in your life and perhaps YOU don’t believe in forgiveness. Someone said something about Mike Vick and how white folks still bring that up, you’re absolutely right. What I have learned over time that when it comes to forgiveness and acceptance black folks will be the first to welcome you back with open arms. We are not them and they are not us. The shucking and jiving comments about Steve are horrible! People we need to look in the mirror seriously. I watched this episode and Steve showed what his mentoring program was about and it’s a truly great thing. The majority of his staff for the program is black and if it makes you feel any better there will be a white woman working in the kitchen.

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…watched … episode and Steve showed what his mentoring program was about…”

      Not sure you are referring to the same episode I watched which was some time ago, but based on that show’s segment about his Mentoring program for fatherless young black men, bringing an end to cycles of despair, providing options for healthy, successful futures was extremely impressive and Steve Harvey is held in high esteem by me for the meaningful social change he is working towards.

      STILL, Paula Deen “culinary mentor???” MAJOR faux pas!!!

  • ALM

    I guess that Oprah saw Paula’s number pop up on her caller id, and Oprah turned her head in the other direction.

  • @Star, Steve Harvey has been shucking and jiving long before his t.v. show. This move just makes it official. I’m sure there are plenty of chefs of color (or just without controversy pertaining to demeaning a race of people) who can cook a HEALTHY meal for these boys and teach about forgiveness and mistakes. So please!