After all the pleas and an album, which did not sell well, Paul Patton has officially filed for divorce from Robin Thicke.

The couple has been separated for eight months, according to the court documents obtained by TMZ. Following the separation, the couple announced they’d mutually decided to separate and will co-parent their four-year-old son, Julian Fuego Thicke.

In hopes to get his wife back, Thicke released an album titled “Paula,” but it flopped on the Billboard charts. In the first week “Paula” only sold 24,000 copies. It was also described as “creepy” and “hastily crafted.”

Though there were several rumors of infidelity, in a Hot 97 radio interview in New York City, Thicke refuted the accusations.

The couple wed in June 2005 and separated February 2014. Patton gave birth to their only son in April 2010.

Patton stated irreconcilable differences in the court documents. Patton also filed for joint custody, so the couple can continue to co-parent.


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  • ALM

    I hate to hear this, but I completely understand why Paula filed. They were together when neither of them had $10 to their name. They loved each other with a pure love that was not based on financial status, social status, etc. The love that they had at the beginning of their relationship is the type of love that myself and many other people can only hope for.

    One of the many mistakes that Robin made was having Paula cape for him during the Miley Cyrus/MTV fiasco. The word on the street is that Paula was furious, but Robin and his people urged Paula to pretend to not be bothered by a desperate Miley Cyrus grinding on her thirsty husband. When that fiasco first hit the fan, Robin should have publicly apologized to his wife. He also should have admitted that things went too far. Robin not only absolved himself of responsibility, but he also made his wife bear the brunt of the negative attention. Since Robin and his people wanted Paula to lie about her true feelings, the public ended up judging Paula for seemingly not having an issue with the MTV performance, when in reality she was furious.

    Robin put his career in front of his family, and now he has paid an extremely high price. Robin publicly disrespected Paula multiple times, and that is difficult to forgive. Pretending that things at home are okay when in reality all hell is breaking loose….that can eat away at your soul.

    In a way, I wonder if Robin set himself up for this. I remember when “Blurred Lines” was a brand new track, and Robin kept saying something along the lines of him being better qualified at speaking to certain things because he and his wife had been together so much longer than the other guys on “Blurred Lines” had been with their wives.

  • Darkness901

    Good serves him right!

  • Liz Vasquez

    I also heard that he was hooked on alcohol/drugs, which is another reason for the split.