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Earlier this week I wrote about Snoop Dogg and his “beef” with white female rapper Iggy Azalea. To quote Drake, things went from zero to a hundred real quick to the point where Snoop was making a video where he called Azalea a b*tch and a c*nt. I predicted that he would have to apologize because basically nobody, well let me rephrase a Black man especially, cannot taunt a white woman and get away with it.

I was right.

Snoop made a video where he said T.I. had called him and told him to stop. And so Snoop apologized and said it was over.


There was a lot of Twitter chat regarding how Black women celebrities are used to getting dragged on social media and having no one come to their defense. Rapper and singer Azealia Banks took to her own Twitter feed and asked that very question regarding her beef with T.I. Now admittedly she did get that beef popping, but he also did threaten to kill her.

Check the tweets:

Banks makes a valid point and so did someone on Twitter who pointed out that Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna get called all kinds of names and get all kinds of disrespected and they just throw shade in their own way and keep it moving. Because if they don’t then no one else will.

But Iggy had to be saved. Like T.I. had to put on the cape and come get her. Well once her boyfriend Nick Young couldn’t do the job. But it’s bigger than that, it’s about how the mainstream media especially can regurgitate certain stereotypes and paint the picture a certain way. Good on one side, evil on the other. This person’s worthy and deserving of being angry about. The other, ehhhh not so much. Now, Snoop was dead wrong. Point blank. Period. You shouldn’t go around calling women b*tches and c*unts, unless I guess you put it on a rap song. But I digress.

When a white woman cries, the whole world stops. Ignore the fact that this is hip hop, that talking trash, beefing, making diss records is what you’re supposed to do. Someone steps to you. Then you come back harder. Maybe T.I. needs to give Iggy some refresher courses since she wants all the perks of being a Black woman – big booty, the voice, the “swag”. But then when things like this happen, it’s a quick reminder that no, she is in fact a white woman because she gets to be rescued.

Black women on the other hand, we just have to fend for ourselves.

Diana Veiga is a Spelman woman, a DC resident, and a freelance writer. Of course, she’s also on Twitter.

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  • Cory (Phoenix Ares)

    He shouldn’t have apologized. I wouldn’t. I get tired of people saying their minds and then backtracking because someone took offense white or black. Life is full of offenses; get over it. We can get into her being white so he “had” to apologize and all of that but I’ll just say this:

    As much as I can’t stand most rap it IS a genre where beefs are the norm. If beefing stupid? Yes. But it’s part of rap music’s culture. Miss Azalea, I’m not sure why you thought the welcome wagon would be carted out for you but in this game you better learn how to take the ugly with the beautiful side of rap. This includes someone having beef with you (for whatever reason) and you getting dissed. You can either ignore it or respond…you choose. But I’m guessing you thought you were untouchable because of your White Girl Worship Status. You probably wouldn’t care what black females say but a black man taking you down a notch probably rocked your world. Snoop has been calling women out of their names since he debuted in 1992 and you, sweetie, got a dose of what black women have been called for decades. You wanna be so black sista-like? Now that you’ve been called something other than a human woman, you’re officially in the club!

    Welcome to OUR WORLD!

    So I don’t feel sorry for you. Put on your big girl panties, deal with it like the rest of us have had to, or remove yourself from the business of rapping and go full-blown pop instead. For the record, I’ll readily admit that I find some of Snoop’s tracks enjoyable. I’d be lying to say I hate all degrading rap. But I’m no fan of most of it. And I’ve heard Iggy and I’m not impressed. Some of her songs aren’t too bad but I’m not “impressed”. Because she comes off to me as a non-black woman trying too hard to be one of us (black women), to be welcomed by us–AS LONG as her white girl pedestal remains intact in our midst. Meaning we know our place in the pecking order. On top of that most of her music sucks. Like I said most not all. Just my opinion.

    Don’t care much for TI either.